College students are increasingly difficult to reach using traditional media; however, college students are online! According to SurveyU, college students spend 4.0 hours everyday online. This is second only to our notebook media, which they spend 4.9 hours with everyday in class.

As the www has grown so has the number of websites we all surf. The online college audience is no different, and has fragmented across 10,000s of various niche websites. Of course you can still expect them to visit such sites as MySpace or YouTube, but you must also anticipate them spending a significant amount of time surfing niche websites...searching for information regarding their personal interests such as sports, careers, student loans, travel, hobbies, etc.

Contextual display advertising is a proprietary technology that allows us to better target college students for your online display campaigns. We've aggregated 1,000s of niche websites where college students reach articles, and built a unique “index” or grouping of them. You can run your campaign on these college relevant pages.

Why is contextual advertising good? First, because contextual advertising is proven to increase the efficiency or click-through rates of online display advertising campaigns. Second, the cost to advertise on our index or grouping of niche college-content websites is much cheaper than the trendy alternative websites, but reaches the exact same demographic. Combined, these two reasons result in improved ROI.