College Spending

College students spend about $200 billion every ... $17 billion of it is discretionary income!

    Back-to-school Supplies:
  • $11.9B textbooks
  • $8.2B computers and electronics
  • $5.7B clothing and accessories
  • $3.6B apt / dorm room furnishings
  • $3.0B school supplies
  • $2.0B shoes

    Entertainment & Leisure:
  • $4.6B vacation travel
  • $2.8B video/DVDs
  • $2.7B music/CDs
  • $1.0B reading materials
  • $887M going to movies
  • $791M concert tickets
  • $456M amusement parks

    Beverages and Snack Foods:
  • $3.1B soda
  • $1.5B bottled juice
  • $1.4B bottled water
  • $1.0B coffee
  • $630M chips snacks
  • $429M sports drinks
  • $429M packaged baked goods
  • $329M granola/nutritional bars
  • $328M candy bars

  • $14.8B automobiles
  • Increased Nielsen TV ratings

Source: National Retail Federation, 2005 BIGresearch; Quirks Marketing Research Review; Harris Interactive, 2004

College Purchasing Habits

car 550,000 or 9% of students plan to buy a car in the next 12 months.
laptop 1 in 5 students or 21% plan to purchase a new PC within 12 months.
creditcards 68% have a Debit Card, 46% have a credit card and 51% have an ATM card, 82% have a Checking account, and 64% have a Savings account.
cellphone 5.2M have a cell phone, spending $294M annually; 1 in 5 students report they have switched providers in the past 12 months.
food 69% eat at an off-campus fast-food restaurant; most of their discretionary income is spent on food: $11billion on snacks and beverages alone.
music Entertainment: $474M music, $341M games, $600M home movies, $326M on movie rentals.
movies Spend on average twice as much on movie tickets as the general population; 78% listen to their friends when purchasing movies; 58% listen to their friends when purchasing video.
gaming Electronics: 65% have a broadband connection, 62% have a stereo, 77% have a printer, 84% have a TV, 86% own a calculator, 74% own a DVD player, 55% own a gaming system.