Many college students will be leaving home, and making purchase decisions on their own for the first time. College is an important time as students form lasting opinions of your brands. Today's youth are the most informed and media-aware group in history.

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GPA Media conducted an online survey of four schools that received its notebooks in Fall 2006. In total, 331 students responded to the online surveys conducted at UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara and University of Southern California (USC)

  • Reach: 97% of students reported reading the advertisements
  • Frequency: 60% of students reported using the notebook everyday in class, 16% 3-4 times each week, and 13% 1-2 times each week
  • Ad Acceptance: 52% of students reported the advertising was "good/cool" while an additional 31% reported it was "okay"
  • Notebook Use: 67% of students surveyed use a spiral notebook to take notes in class, and 34% use a spiral notebook and laptop computer together
  • Distribution: 46% of students received the notebook during orientation, 18% from the bookstore, 8% from a friend and 28% other methods
  • Demographic: 331 students responded; 30% Freshmen, 24% Sophomore, 18% Junior and the remaining 28% Seniors
  • Top Ad Category Preferences: 68% entertainment, 67% apparel, 62% electronics/computers, 56% foods/snacks, 50% travel, 43% sports/fitness, and 30% gaming

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