PRICE: Our notebook media is one of the most cost effective methods for marketing your brand to the college demographic. For example, advertising in our notebook media is much less expensive than compared to college newspapers or on-campus billboards and posterboards.

REACH & FREQUENCY: In a fragmented media world, GPA Media provides advertisers with the full attention of an extremely desirable consumer—college students. Our media targeted gives advertisers multiple opportunities to reach college students consistently and effectively everyday in class during the entire semester. There is no other non-traditional OOH college media with as pure an college audience as the GPA Media notebook. In addition, our notebook media benefits include:
  • Unparalleled effective reach due to 40+ core impressions over the quarter or semester.
  • Hand-to-hand controlled distribution (zero or limited waste).
  • Authentic appeal to students given the university co-branding.
  • Targeted reach by age, gender, race and/or other statistics.
  • Pre- and post-surveys prove brand awareness significantly increased.

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