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The college population is the most valuable segment within the 18-24(34) demographic. GPA Media provides marketers with an effective media to reach the largest and most valuable segment of the 18-24 population: the $200 billion college market—and right when they are making purchasing decisions for the first time. College graduates earn on average 60% or $1 million more than non-college over their lifetime. For these reasons, advertising to college students often results in valuable, lifelongcustomers.

While some ideas are hatched in the boardroom, others are born in the classroom. What began as a student's idea has grown into a leading media company that has delivered more than 1 million university co-branded college notebooks to students—at no cost to you or the students!



In November 2005, we launched GPA Media with our non-traditional OOH notebook we offer select additional types of digital media and marketing programs specifically recommended for targeting the 18-24 college demographic.

Combined, these three types of media and marketing programs are highly effective in reaching U.S. college students:

  • Digital Media
  • Notebook Media
  • Product Sampling