Our Mission

GPA Media's mission is to become the #1 impact medium among the U.S. college market by providing students with free co-branded notebooks and advertisers with direct access to the student population.

To potential advertisers, GPA Media is the brand of innovative college media that promises targeted and effective communication based on its notebook's co-branded and informative appeal to students, and in-classroom endorsement and hand-to-hand distribution by schools

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about us

GPA Media is a non-traditional OOH marketing company that delivers your brand to college students in the 18-24 demographic as they begin to make their own purchasing decisions and establish brand loyalties for life.

what we do

GPA Media publishes free university co-branded notebooks with advertising and promotions inside. Students use the notebooks to take notes in class for 3 months, on average generating a minimum of 40 impressions per student and 97% ad recall rates.

Our team has built an exclusive nationwide network of college campuses allowing schools and advertisers alike the ability to communicate with a significant portion of the nearly 17 million college students in the U.S.

How it Started

While some ideas are hatched in the boardroom, others are born in the classroom. What began as a conversation in a class has grown into a leading non-traditional OOH college media company that delivers more than 400,000 co-branded college notebooks per annum, resulting in more than 10 million impressions per month.

In 2000, our sister company in Mexico, Exima Cuadernos, developed a breakthrough approach to campus advertising. Placing advertisements in spiral-bound college notebooks.

Since then, Exima has produced nearly 1.2 million co-branded college notebooks in Mexico. The astounding success of Exima's college notebook program spawned the birth of GPA Media in the U.S. in 2005.


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