"Your School"

For those students that want to be famous—or make someone else famous—now you can use “Your School” to post pictures online and vote on the pictures to be printed in the next issue of the school’s notebooks. This is so cool because now you can customize your school's notebook.


How many things do you write in a notebook? Your class notes, the phone number of the one you like or the brilliant idea you have for a class project. Where do you think Albert Einstein wrote his famous wisdom, or Shakespeare drafted his timeless plays? ...all in a notebook.

During the last six years, many students' dreams have started when they put pen to paper in one of our GPA Media notebooks. We are proud to say that we’ve helped millions of students. Whether it's getting an A in class, or simply scheduling the date for the big football game of the season, our notebooks are there for you. So c’mon, immortalize your thoughts in a GPA Media notebook because everything starts in a notebook!

Notebooks are also a useful tool in class---especially economics, science, art, math, etc. “On a computer, you can’t draw graphs, equations, or write in your own shorthand. And, notebooks are just more personal; you can get phone numbers, doodle, pull out pages, etc.” said Daniel Orlik, USC.


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